NLBSA. North Lincoln Baseball Softball Organization located in St. Joseph Michigan provides youth Baseball, Softball and Football leagues at beautiful Eaton Park in St. Joseph Charter Township

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2015 North Lincoln Baseball: Little League Rules

The official Little League rulebook will be used except as noted in these rules.

  1. The home team will use the third base dugout. The visiting team will use the first base dugout.
  2. Normal length of games will be six (6) innings. However, no new inning will begin 90 minutes after the first pitch of the game during the regular season.  For the playoff tournament, the time limit will not apply.
    1. There will be nine (9) players on the field at one time. All players must play at least three (3) innings.
  3. The starting lineups must be present to the official scorekeeper an opposing team at least 15 minutes before the game.
  4. At least eight (8) players must be present at the start of the game. [if you know prior to a scheduled game (24 hour notice) that you will not have enough players, please contact the Baseball Director. Ten year-old minor league players will be used to fill open positions for the team(s) needing players. This game will count in the standings.
    1. A team not having at least eight (8) players at the start of a game, and not providing advance notice to the Baseball Director of this fact will forfeit the game. A practice game can be played using players from the two teams scheduled to play.
    2. Teams with less than 9 players in their batting order will be assessed an out for those players in the batting order.
  5. Only roster personnel (players, 2 coaches, manager, scorekeeper bat-boy/bat-girl are allowed in the dugout.
  6. Dress Code.
    1. Players must be dressed in an appropriate baseball uniform, including hat. Shoes with metal cleats are not allowed. · Managers, coaches and scorekeepers must wear shoes, shirt shorts/pants, etc. that are appropriate.
  7. All equipment and team personnel must stay in the dugout, except when coaches and the on-deck batter are required to be in their designated areas.
    1. The batter/runner is out if their helmet is deliberately removed while the ball is live." The ball is considered "live" unless "time" has been called by an umpire or the ball is declared "dead" by an umpire. A request for "time" is not automatic. The umpire must announce "time" before the ball is considered "dead."
  8. In case of an injury to a player, "time" will be immediately called by an umpire to tend to the injured player. Once the injured player has been dealt with, the umpires will make the necessary base awards.
  9. For efficient use of time, please observe the following rules:
    1. Players should hustle on and off the field.
    2. The catcher should keep shin guards on until entering the on deck circle.
    3. Use a courtesy runner for the catcher and/or pitcher. The runner must be a player not in the game. The courtesy runner will not be charged with officially entering the game. The courtesy runner may enter the game when there are two (2) outs. A courtesy runner must enter the game between at bats (not during a player's plate appearance).
    4. Do not throw the ball "around the horn" after an out is made.
    5. A batter must remain in the batter's box between pitches unless time is called, a foul ball is hit, or a wild pitch/passed ball is thrown.
  10. Ten Run Rule.
    1. A game will end when a team leads by 10 or more runs after it has become an official game.
    2. A game is official upon the completion of 4 innings or 3.5 innings when the home team is leading.
    3. If the ten run rule applies the score will be documented as the official score and the scoreboard will be reset.   After the ten run rule is applied, the playing format will change to NLBSA’s Minor League rule of a half-inning consisting of five (5) runs scored or three outs whichever comes first. The game will continue without runs being posted on the scoreboard until either the 6th inning is finished or the game time limit has been reached.
  11. Intentional Base on Balls.
    1. Intentional walks are not permitted.  All batters must be pitched to.
  12. Conduct.
    1. Foul or abusive language and sportsmanlike conduct on the field or in the dugout will not be tolerated. The umpires are responsible to remove participants in violation. In cases of severe misconduct, the League Director may suspend the offending participant for an additional game. Throwing a bat or helmet in disgust after being called out can result in ejection.
    2. Managers are responsible for the conduct of team members and fans. Managers unable to control team members or fans may face forfeiture of game. Parents or guardians, who are ejected by an umpire, as well as their child/player, wilt be required to leave the park immediately.
    3. There is no smoking allowed in the dugout area and on the field during practices and games. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  13. Only a manager can question an umpire's rule interpretation. There will be no challenging of judgment calls.
  14. There will be no protested games. Disputes will be handled as outlined above.
    1. There will be no appeals. For example, if a player misses a base and an umpire sees it, when the ball is "dead" the runner will be called out.
  15. There will be an infield fly rule.
  16. Players may steal only after the ball crosses the plate. If a runner is caught leaving early on an attempted steal, he/she will be sent back to the nearest open base he/she left from as soon as the play is considered "dead."
    1. No head first slides. A runner will be called out if this occurs. A runner can dive head first going back to a base.
    2. No sliding into first base (unless to avoid a collision). The runner will be called out.
  17. Pitching Rules.
    1. During a two (2) game week, 12-year-old pitchers are limited to 27 outs. 11 or 10 year old pitchers must pitch the remaining 9 outs.
    2. During a three (3) game week, 12-year-old pitchers are limited to 36 outs. 11 or 10 year old pitchers must pitch the remaining 18 outs.
    3. During a four (4) game week, 12-year-old pitchers are limited to 45 outs. 11 and 10 year old pitchers must pitch the remaining 27 outs.
    4. Pitchers will be allowed six (6) warm-up pitches when entering a game, and four (4) warm up pitches between innings.
    5. The manager may take one trip to the mound per pitcher per inning. The pitcher must be removed on the second trip.
    6. Pitchers are limited to nine (9) connecting outs per game. Once the pitcher is removed from pitching, he/she cannot return to pitch that game. Only fastballs/changeups and knuckle balls can be thrown.
    7. No curveballs or sliders.
    8. Balks will not be called.
  18. Schedule.
    1. Overall records will determine how teams are seeded in the end of season tournament.
  19. Miscellaneous.
    1. No fake tags.
    2. Runners will be called out if the first and third base coaches touch/grab players while the ball is in play.
    3. All male players must wear supporters and cups.
    4. Shirts must remain tucked in. Hats, if worn by players or coaches, shall have the bill facing forward. Players must be wearing fall regulation uniforms (no shorts).
  20. Batting Line-up.
    1. Every player is included in the batting order. Batting order is continuous throughout the entire game. A player arriving late will be placed at the end of the original batting order.
  21. Fielding - No player unless due to injury will sit more than One consecutive inning on defense. Managers are to rotate players each inning throughout the game.
  22. All bats cannot be wider than 2 1/4 inches. No "big barrel" bats are allowed.


Revision date: March 3, 2015