NLBSA. North Lincoln Baseball Softball Organization located in St. Joseph Michigan provides youth Baseball, Softball and Football leagues at beautiful Eaton Park in St. Joseph Charter Township

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North Lincoln Softball: Senior League

1.0       General Rules:
1.1       Good sportsmanship is expected.
1.2       Managers are responsible for their players, coaches and fans conduct during a game. Any display
         of temper or intimidation will not be tolerated. Any swearing or other unsportsmanlike conduct
         will be cause for immediate ejection from the Eaton Park facility.
1.3       The home team is to occupy the 3rd base dugout, while the visiting team is to occupy the 1st base dugout.
            Teams are responsible for picking up trash in and around their dugout after a game.
1.3.1    No spectators, brothers/sisters etc. shall be allowed in the dugout area during the game. Dugout gates
            should be kept closed at all times. One bat-girl/boy is permitted and they must wear a helmet at all times.
            No smoking is allowed in the dugout or on the field of play.
1.4       There is one minute between innings.
1.5       Only the manager can question an umpire’s decision.  They must wait for a dead ball, ask for time,
            once granted they may speak to the calling umpire.  A rule interpretation may be requested a judgment
            call (safe/out, fair/foul, ball/strike) may not be questioned.
1.6       Games will be 7 innings.  The Umpire is required to notify both managers of the actual start time
            of the game prior to the first pitch (note this may be different from the scheduled start time).
            General Rules specific to Senior League:
1.7       Senior league will play by the general NLBSA rules (above), and by the National High School
            Federation Rules.These are the same rules used in the Michigan High School Athletic Association
            (MHSAA).These rules can be viewed at
2011 NLBSA League Director, Senior Softball:              Lisa Cobb
2011 NLBSA Vice President, Softball:                          Scott Wessendorf
Date of last Revision was March 17th, 2011